Universal Measurement and Control is the authorised distributor for Loadtec Marine Loading arms and Marine access gangways. Loadtec Marine Loading Arms bring together the latest thinking in Marine Arm design, with efficient and cost effective European production.

Loadtec utilises the pantograph link design to provide high quality and robust arms ranging from 4” to 20”. Apart from the standard temperature range, Loadtec can supply arms that operate at 196°C or +200°C. A unique feature to the Loadtec Marine Loading Arm is the ability to change the 1st and 2nd swivel in-situ, without dismantling the arm. This is an important feature which saves many hours and cost over the lifetime of the arm.

Loadtec also has its own Double Ball Valve Emergency Release system which is installed in the vertical leg. Loadtec Hydraulic Control Systems are manufactured in Western Europe and incorporate mainstream and recognised components.


Safe and efficient access onto marine vessels can be an exacting and difficult task. High seas, tidal variations and strong current can all conspire to make the bridging of the gap between ship and dock both variable and hazardous.

Loadtec has a range of products in marine access systems aimed at making operators progress safe and reliable. Whether it is for barge or supertanker, Loadtec can meet and exceed your expectations in this critical area.

Fully hydraulic, telescoping and swivelling marine gangways in aluminium or galvanised steel can be provided to meet any known criteria around the world.

Alongside the Loadtec marine arm range, we are confident that we can meet any jetty requirement for safe access and bulk fluid transfer.

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